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Workshop - Off Camera Flash 201

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March 26, 2016 - 1 PM to 4 PM - Newmarket Community Centre Hall #1

This workshop builds on the fundamentals learned in the Off Camera Flash 1 workshop.  In this workshop we add in reflectors, scrims, and additional flashes up to a three light setup

Topics Covered

TTL Flash

  • What are Zones or Groups
  • How to adjust group flash output with TTL flash
  • Controlling the group TTL flashes from the camera menu
  • Controlling the group TTL flashes from an external controller

Manual Flash

  • When to put the flash in manual mode
  • Controlling power of the manual flash
  • When to use a pure slave mode

Using Reflectors

  • Choosing a surface type
  • Choosing a size and a position
  • Forcing a shape from a reflector

Larger Light Shaping Tools

  • Choosing the type of umbrella to use, reflect or shoot through
  • Impact of softbox shapes
  • Advanced kit elements
  • Building the full set

Planning the Multi-Speedlight shot

  • Identifying the appropriate settings for each light
  • Setting the output for each light
  • Bringing them altogether
  • When a flash meter becomes a very useful tool

This is a hands-on program so attendees must bring a camera with a freshly charged battery, a clean memory card and at least two hotshoe mountable flashes.  The attendee should have a camera that supports remote control internally via a popup flash or have at least two sets of suitable remote controllers, optical or radio based for individual use.  Each attendee should be prepared to be both photographer and subject.

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