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Mastering Black and White Workshop

Join the group at this workshop where we will invest the time learning the entire process for shooting black and white successfully. We will cover metering your scene to maximize tones, determining where you want specific tones to fall in your exposure and spend time learning enough of the ZONE System to have it make sense in practical approaches.

Then we will move on to the post-processing, using Lightroom Classic CC as the demonstration platform where we will explore processing prior to and following the black and white conversion and then studying which tools matter for black and white and which are irrelevant.

A computer with editing software is required for this workshop. You should also bring at least five of your own images to use in the processing lab work to build your skills around black and white. You will need to understand your camera enough to know how to manipulate the metering options and should bring your camera with you as well.

A notepad or book will be essential for recording interim discoveries while doing the metering exercises.


Sheila Burgess

Amina Mohammed - PAID

Heidi Starke

Gordon VanSpall

Douglas Scott

Joanne McEwan

Jeff Ibbotson

Kent Kaufman

Dennis Herdman - PAID

Maureen Smith - PAID

Enrico Forlini

Leila Brown

Henry Psenicka

Colin Moneypenny

Bill Bell

Roger Severn

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