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Workshop - Introduction to Photoshop for Photographers

January 30, 2016 - 1 PM to 4PM - NEWMARKET COMMUNITY CENTER HALL #1

Many photographers who are doing post processing have been using Lightroom or Elements or Aperture or something else to handle the processing of images.  At some point or another, the need arises for more.  Since so many people are buying into Adobe's Photographer's Bundle, but are not yet using Photoshop, I've created this workshop to facilitate a discussion of the possible.

Topics to Be Covered

  • What is Photoshop and how is it different from the tools that you may know?
  • What is Bridge?
  • What is Adobe Camera RAW and why would I use it if I already have Lightroom or something like it?
  • Getting an image into Photoshop
  • Navigating the Photoshop Interface
  • Image Size and Resolution Basics
  • Introduction to Layers
  • Saving your work and the different file formats
  • Menu based adjustments
  • Adding Text Elements

The workshop will be a demonstration rich environment.  Attendees should bring a laptop with Photoshop CC installed and active if possible, but for this workshop a laptop is not mandatory.  Attendees will be provided access to a shared folder in advance to download the working files for the workshop as you will have a chance to duplicate the demonstrated activities in the workshop and on your own time.

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