Sigma EX 120mm-300mm f/2.8 APO OS HSM Lens - Canon Mount


This is the prior release of Sigma's super fast telephoto zoom.  It fits on both APS-C and Full Frame sensor bodies.  On Full Frame it delivers between 120mm and 300mm.  It is a twist zoom, with a very smooth and very quick zoom ring.  Maximum aperture is an incredibly bright f/2.8 so ideal for working in poor lighting conditions.  It has Sigma's quick hypersonic motor for rapid autofocus and also uses Apochromatic elements for high levels of sharpness and control over distortions and fringing.  

The lens comes with a bayonet mount deep hood as well as a Sigma DG 105mm coated UV filter.  The lens incorporates a rotating tripod mount collar so it is very easy to use on a mount in any rotational orientation.

This lens is ideal for sports and wildlife shooters because of its long reach and ability to work at lower ISOs.  I've owned it for about three years, and have used it solely for hockey and wildlife.  

Unlike some to the newer variants, autofocus is still nice and quick, certainly quicker than the Contemporary series from Sigma, and based on commentary, possibly faster than the current Sports series.  

The lens mount is pristine and the fit remains completely solid.  If carried nose down, there is no zoom creep.

The lens incorporates a robust image stabilization system, that in practical experience gives about 2.5 stops of shutter speed range.  I have shot this lens handheld at 300mm at 1/60 and gotten sharp images, even though that is a much lower shutter speed than I would recommend.  The IS is a two stage version as found in most pro lenses so you can manage vibration in both axes or just the horizontal when using the lens in panning mode.

Henry's lists a used version of this lens, non-APO for $2699.  New S versions retail for just under $4,700  You can get this lens, right now, with the filter and the soft case AND this has the apochromatic lens elements for only $2,500.

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