The first thing I have to say is WOW!  Almost 50 people are registered to come to the March Newmarket Camera Club meeting!  That is way larger than we ever thought our "little" club would get.  Could it be because there's no annual fee?  Could it be because of the information we empart at every meeting?  Could it be our patented photo review? Or could it just be the fact that Ross and I are just so darn cool??  (I know Im pushing it now...)

Well I think its because of my Sweet Shelli!  Once again, we will be treated to an assortment of Sweet Shelli's Cookies and Treats at tonights meeting.  I always think it's nice to enjoy one of these sweet treats while talking about something we all love.. Photography!  So Shelli has once again graciously donated a large platter of treats for our club.   I am working on getting us some Tim Hortons coffee for future meetings but it won't be there for tonight so please remember to bring something to drink.  If you want to see Sweet Shelli's Facebook page, here's the link...

As far as tonights content, It is back to the basics for us!  We will be recapping the essentials of photography.... Exposure!  With that and a full presentation on the Lensbaby, and our photo review, this promises to be a fantastic meeting!


So, See you all there at 6pm and don't forget your drink!


Apologies for the date confusion - help request

As you all know by know, there was miscommunication (on my part) on the date of the November meeting.  The auto dater was told the third Tuesday of each month, presuming of course that this would be the second last Tuesday of the month.  Well this November has five Tuesdays and I missed that.  Sorry.  So when I was working with our scheduled speaker starting in the summer, I was working around the 22nd all along and never caught that the web calendar did not match up.  I promise to try to prevent this from happening again and if we had not scheduled a speaker to come from out of town, then it would not be a problem.

When Bryan pointed out the discrepancy to me last night, I scrambled to get an emailer built in to the web site and frankly I don't know if it worked so I am asking your patience as I test out various emailers over the next couple of days.  All I ask is that you be understanding, put in your white list so the email doesn't go straight to your junk or spam folder and to hit reply when and if you get a test email from me.

Thanks for your patience and support.


PS, here's a snap of fearless leader Bryan with his hoped for new "small" lens...

Bryan Weiss on "In the Know"

This wednesday, June 22nd 2011, Bryan Weiss, Owner of Daytripper Photo and co-founder of the Newmarket Camera Club will be appearing on the Rogers Cable 10 Newmarket show "In the Know" with host Julia Suppa.  Be sure to tune in from 6-7pm and call in with your photography questions!  He will be talking about photography basics and showing many cameras and photos to help you know whats the right model for you and why!

Welcome to the club!


The Fence

Hey everyone!

My name is Bryan Weiss.  Welcome to the Newmarket Camera Club!

I run Daytripper Photo, a service out of Newmarket, On. that takes people to local photo destinations and with my staff of skilled instructors, we teach photography while on a day trip.  This service along with my full time job working at Henry's camera, has placed me in an amazing situation.  I have an amazing community of friends, co workers, and professionals in the camera industry that encourage me and nurture my passion for photography.  This constantly helps me try more things and always strive to be a better photographer.

Now, Daytripper Photo is a business. With expenses and fees to pay, I cant run it for free.   This is common sense.  But what if there was no overhead.  What if we can create this environment of encouragement for everyone and I didn't have to charge for it??

Well this, my friends, is the Newmarket Camera Club.

While having a conversation with Ross Chevalier about the idea of a camera club, he suggested we do it and the next day it was done!  It was his idea to keep it free and I think it's brilliant!  This way anyone can come to the meeting, learn some great information about new photographers, tips and techniques, products, and much more including contests and assignments!

So if you're interested in being a part of this community let us know.

email me at and let me know what you think!

Thanks to our sponsoring organizations

Hello and welcome to our new site. We'd like to thank a couple of sponsors for helping to get this site set up. First up is co-host Bryan Weiss' company called Daytripper Photo. DayTripper Photo organizes day trips for photographers to do photowalks accompanied by professional photographers and instructors. They are always educational and lots of fun.

We will also thank co-host Ross Chevalier's company Chevalier Media Group for their support. Chevalier Media Group provides sales and business development training as well as audio and video production services.

Welcome to the Newmarket Camera Club

Welcome to the website for the Newmarket Camera Club. Thank you for visiting.

We're very excited to be here.  Both Bryan and I are looking forward to your patronage and support as we start and grow this local club for photography and video enthusiasts.

We have some very good news to share.  The leadership at Henry's, with the local support of Newmarket store manager Nathan Reeder has agreed to allow us to use their classroom for our monthly meetings.  Our first meeting will be Tuesday the 19th of July beginning at 7pm at the Henry's Newmarket store, and our current plan is to have our regular meetings the third Tuesday of each month.  We are grateful for the support of this local retailer and employer.

Our plan is to keep the club community oriented, hence while Bryan and I will operate it, we will be appreciative of volunteers.  We decided at the outset that there would be no membership fees to be a part of the club.  We appreciate that some clubs do have fees and are not trying to "steal" members.  Frankly, since I will handle most of the administration, I simply don't want to have to deal with treasury, bank accounts, invoicing and all the rest of the administrivia that gets in the way of the point of the club.  Folks have already asked if that membership fee model could change.  Sure.  You could also get hit by a meteor while skydiving into a shark cage.  Let's focus (argghh) on the photography first.

You can reach me at or Bryan at  Hope to see you soon.
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