Potential night carnival shots?

I was driving past Yonge and Davis yesterday and noticed that Conklin had a bunch of gear for their traveling carnival in the southeast lot of Upper Canada Mall.  In truth I don't know if that was for the weekend past or for this coming week but if it isn't over, carnival rides and attractions can make great night shots.  Just sayin'...

9 Days for Freshness

Hello membership!

Time sure flies when spring is on its way and tax time is upon us!

In between cleaning up the winter detritus, getting CRA their share and all the other things that come with spring, please don't ignore your challenge to submit photos for our challenge subject "Fresh".  I've already received a number of submissions and they are posted to the challenge page for viewing.  Please submit your photo by the 23rd to ensure that I can get it into the review deck.  Bryan will lead the photo reviews in April and in May so I would like to give him as much prep time as possible.  Send large JPEGs with all the EXIF data intact to ross@newmarketcameraclub.ca



Seeking thoughts on a new photo sharing site

Hey members,

I'm looking for a new home for our monthly challenge photos.  Flickr doesn't do group sets or collections and its gallery function is very limited.  Plus I really hate the terms of service because I am very much an intellectual property fanatic.  With MobileMe set to go the way of the dodo, and no answer yet from Apple as to what they will be doing to replace the Gallery function therein, and without simple high speed connectivity at our new meeting location we need to do something different.

If you have suggestions for a service that we could use, I'd like to hear about it.  In the interim, continue to use Flickr (YUCK) and also please email to ross@newmarketcameraclub.ca a good quality JPEG of your entry with the EXIF data intact.  I will build a slide show for each meeting and add the EXIF to the photograph as a build.  The current hopping around model is not very efficient and we don't see everyone's images because of process delay.  Since I want the review experience to be really valuable, more images, more effectively will help.

Also if you would all please include your basic exposure information in your upload's title that will help a lot and will increase the likelihood of your image being displayed.  Basically include Camera,Lens,ISO,Shutter Speed, Aperture and Exposure Comp.  As Bryan will be doing the two trainings this month, I will handle the Photo Review and I want it to be awesome.

There is still a week to go to get your Shadow entry in.  I cannot guarantee visibility of any image posted or received after 9pm on Monday Feb 27, 2012.

Thanks to all !


Two weeks to The Shadow...

Hello all!

I hope that your February has been really great so far!  Certainly it has been a busy month for Bryan and I.  We are both looking forward to this month's meeting so I wanted to remind everyone to get that lens cap off and go make images for the challenge of "Shadow".

I'm also very pleased to announce that in addition to the photo review this month, Bryan has graciously agreed to invest time to share his best practices in making High Dynamic Range (HDR) images.  He'll take you through the entire process from image capture, through edits through production.  Bryan will be focusing his post processing on Photoshop but even if you use a different tool (recommendations will come in a future post), the session will be of great value.  HDR can be, but doesn't have to be edgy and gritty.  HDR can also be extremely subtle and help you extend the tonal range in your image.  Every photographer should know the basics and you will have a chance to learn them here.

As most all of you know, Bryan also runs his own business called Daytripper Photo and he has a very cool event coming up just before the meeting called Beauty and the Beast.  It's a live training workshop on portrait photography with guest presenter Navy Nhum (a widely respected fashion and wedding photog) in addition to Bryan and myself.  There will be beauties (people) and beasts (undead people) to photograph.  Space is limited so sign up today at Daytripper Photo.

See you all soon!



November Meeting Update, December and January challenges, other news

Allow me to thank every member who contributed images to the November challenge of "close".  Beautiful work, inspiring and innovative, a real treat.  It's wonderful how far we've come since our launch last summer.

New Meeting Location in process...

I am very close to completion of the contract that will confirm our new location at the refinished Newmarket Community Center, which will also mean a shift to the 4th Tuesday of each month from 6pm to 9pm.  More to come on this subject.  Special thanks to Newmarket councillor Tom Hempen of Hempen Jewellers who got the whole process unstuck for us.

Paper and Printing

Special thanks to Paul Dats of Inkpress Paper who came up from New York to speak with the members on the surprisingly fascinating world of paper and inkjet printing.  Paul was kind enough to leave a print sample kit with Bryan for the store and provided attendees with a trial pack of their incredible Metallic Satin paper.  Look for polls to come that will help us determine if we can run with one of Paul's suggestions.  I spoke with Paul's son Zach today and he gave me information on ICC drivers I had not been able to find so I must say that this company is incredibly responsive.

Standardized Information on Your Challenge Photos

We got a great suggestion from one of our members at the meeting and we liked it so much we started using the ideas at the meeting right then and there.  We don't think it's much to ask of you and it really drew out some of the conversation.  Thanks a ton to Rhonda for the idea!

1.  Please add your core info to the title of the photo you upload, such as camera, lens, ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

2.  In the description field of the photo page, tell us the following;

a) Did you achieve the goal you set for yourself in making the photograph?  What worked great and what would you like to change?

b) How many shots did you take in order to get the image you wanted?

c) Does the photo portray the feeling you hoped to achieve?

Here's an example;

December Photo Challenge

Even though we are not having a meeting in December, there is still a photo challenge to participate in for December.  The theme to work with is "Magic".  Please upload your photos to the Flickr group by the end of December.

January Photo Challenge

We're also setting the challenge for January, so you will have lots to work on until we meet again.  The January theme is "New", so please have your photos uploaded in time for the next meeting, which at time of this post is still in flux as to the date.

Big Prints

While Paul was setting up there was a good discussion on potential services to do really big prints that does not involve crossing an international border.  A number of suggestions were made by members, and while not exhaustive, here are some places to check out;

Ice Photo

Toronto Image Works

44 Wide

Three weeks to the next meeting...

pHey gang,/p
pPlease be uploading your photos to the Flickr page for the monthly challenge.  As you know the challenge this month is "close".  I want to thank all the members who post more than one image, it's awesome that you do that.  But we need some help from you to keep the Photo Review on time.  Upload as many shots as you like, but for the one you want reviewed, indicate so in the name or caption by indicating REVIEW in some way.  That way your artistry will be shared with fellow members and it will help Bryan and I maintain a flow during the review section of the meeting./p
pWe've started looking for a new meeting location and have appealed to the Town of Newmarket for help.  It's in the flow, but politics isn't a real fast mover, so please think of any alternates you can where we could meet once a month at no cost to the club.  If any of you have any inroads with school boards, that would be appreciated./p
pMore to come.../p

Reminder - Club Meeting October 18th

Hey gang!

A quick reminder about this month's meeting happening on the 18th beginning at 6pm.  We are surprisingly and happily over capacity in our meeting room so whether you are attending ( and have successfully pre-registered ) or not, and you know of potential other locations where we can hold meetings without incurring costs to the club, now would be a really great time to tell us.

The challenge this month is "decay" so please upload your entries to the club Flickr group.  We won't have time to be loading off of memory cards.

In addition to our photo review, we will have our news update, the coming photo challenge, an exciting TV announcement, our Q&A section, we will have our special section on colour profiling of displays and printers as well as getting proper colour balance when capturing images.

See you soon.  If you have location suggestions for future meetings, please email me at ross@newmarketcameraclub.ca


The Photo Challenge for August - September

Thanks to all the members who came out to the August meeting and who brought such wonderful photos!  Great work friends and very inspirational.

Our next meeting is September 20th and the photo challenge to prepare for has been announced.

The challenge is "Interpretation of Flowers".  So go out and make some new photographs that fulfill your interpretation of flowers.  If you think that description allows some significant latitude, you'd be right!

Once you have completed your image, best practice would be to upload it to our Flickr gallery at http://www.flickr.com/groups/newmarketcameraclub/ If that is not comfortable, please bring your images on a flash drive.  We are requesting jpegs with full EXIF data as we have found that this information is hugely helpful in our photo review.  Also please keep note of any work you have done in post-processing as this is an integral part of the artistic process.



Member Contest Continuation - Your Favourite Things

Hey everyone.  Thanks to all who attended the inaugural meeting.  It's tough launching in the summer time so your support is appreciated.  We got some great ideas for discussion topics so Bryan and I will be tightening up a "standard" agenda to use as a structure to mostly follow.

One of the first things we decided, in light of the start time, was to continue the Member Contest from July through to the August Meeting.  Some folks are wondering what "Your Favourite Thnigs" means and it is as simple as it sounds.  Something you love, that inspires you, that makes you feel.  Yup the guidance is as wide in scope as it sounds.

So bring your images on a flash drive or memory card to the meeting, or upload them to our club Flickr page which is open to all who join the club.

Member Contest for July 2011 - Your Favourite Thing

As you would expect, we are setting monthly challenges for our members and our first challenge, with entries to be reviewed at the July meeting is "Your Favourite Thing".  Make a photograph of someone or something that really matters to you.  No limitations on lighting, lens, finishing, just make the best photo you can.  We will share the entries on the web site and at our meeting.

On the subject of the meeting, until we get a registration system in place, please advise Bryan at bryan@newmarketcameraclub.ca if you intend to join us for the July meeting.  The sooner you can let us know, the better,  Henry's is being super gracious in offering us space, but if we are going to be sitting on each other, we will need to find an alternative location.

Keep checking back for instructions on how and where to upload your monthly challenge photographs and for more information and tools for the club.
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