Macintosh OS X Mountain Lion

OS X Mountain Lion

Since a significant proportion of our members are Macintosh users (according to the web site browser in use stats), I wanted to touch on the OS X 10.8 upgrade released by Apple yesterday.  This release, code-named Mountain Lion, adds enhancements to your Macintosh experience.  The upgrade is straightforward, buy the app in the Mac App Store, download it, give it permission to run and away you go.  I have it installed on four machines now and for the most part it works just fine.

I've tested with Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 4.1 with all the popular plugins, or at least the plugins that I own which include the Nik Suite, the OnOne Software Suite and the Topaz Bundle.  All worked fine.

I did find a couple of no-can-does though.  If you use either of the LaCIE USB3 PCIe card or ExpressCard/34 neither of those work under Mountain Lion.  LaCIE drivers are not working and there is no information on when or if LaCIE will get around to them, one of the many reasons I recommend avoidance of LaCIE products.  Less likely to cause you issues is the Matrox challenge so unless you are using Matrox video encoders no worries.  If you are using any of the Matrox outboard video devices, they need new drivers too, although Matrox is working on them already and I hear middle of August as the target date.

There are significant and subtle differences in Mountain Lion so there are a couple of small learning curves to be aware of.  I suggest reviewing MacWorld's information for more detail.  The only real caveat is hold the upgrade if you have something that has an imminent best before date requiring your computer since that will encourage Mr. Murphy to appear.

So far so good.

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