Notes from the February Meeting and March Themes

Hey everyone,

Here are the announcements from the February meeting.

To contact Amina about the trip to Uganda, email her at

To contact Brenda Andrews about volunteering your talent to Mommy Connections, email her at

For more information on the Heroes' Festival and to register for the photo pit go to

The Show Your Stuff themes for March are:




November Meeting Summary

I want to thank all the membership for their support of the club over the 2017 year and hope to see you all again in 2018.  

We had a very good end of year meeting last night and I want to thank everyone who brought a little something for snacks.  As happens, there was more food than there was appetite and the folks at Inn From The Cold really appreciated the donation of what we had left.  A very nice part of Giving Tuesday.

We had a tutorial on posing real people and I am very grateful to those members who agreed to come up and be our models for the posing exercise.  A huge thanks to Sheila, Lynda, Shelley, Douglas, Gordon, Lou and Paul.

Then we did our Show Selects review.  I have attached a PDF of that part of the night that you can download right here.

We closed with our review of the submissions for the November themes.

The themes for December - January are HOLIDAY JOY and RISING TO THE CHALLENGE

February Meeting Summary

What's wrong with this image?  A gold star to the first person who posts on the Google Plus page.  HINT : Darren Gahan made note of the error very recently in one of his posts.  Darren, you know the answer, so you are graciously excluded from this bit of silliness!

What's wrong with this image?  A gold star to the first person who posts on the Google Plus page.  HINT : Darren Gahan made note of the error very recently in one of his posts.  Darren, you know the answer, so you are graciously excluded from this bit of silliness!

February Meeting Summary

We had a great turnout at our February meeting and I want to thank all those who chose to participate in Show Your Stuff.  There were some really wonderful images shown, and for those who missed the meeting, all of them are live on our website.

March Show Your Stuff Themes

The Core Concepts Theme for March is : Long Shot

The Creative License Theme for March is : Arrival


Ahmad El-Farram did a fabulous job presenting on how to use Facebook Ads to increase engagement for the potential clients that you may have.  It was a well-researched presentation and engendered a great discussion.

We also covered a process on pricing your work.  I will post on Google Plus when the Tool is available for purchase and where to get it for all those who have already expressed interest.

Photoshop for Photographers

This workshop is designed for photographers who are starting out with, or looking for increased confidence in working with Photoshop.  The workshop is on March 12th with an 0830 am start.  Information can be found here as well as the registration form.  There are limited seats still available.

Lightroom : The Develop Module

This workshop runs on April 9th starting at 0830 and is designed to get you up to speed on using Lightroom's powerful and non-destructive Develop module.  This is a fully hands-on workshop and has been a great success when run in past years.  There are still plenty of spaces available, why not sign up now by clicking this link.

Wrapping Up

I am so excited to be able to share knowledge amongst our membership every month.  The member list for 2017 has now been cleaned up and we are, as of today at 103 members.  Welcome to everyone new and welcome back to those who felt that the club delivers value and renewed.  See you at the March meeting and don't forget to be proud of your work and to Share Your Stuff!

November Meeting Summary

Big thanks to the members for an incredible turnout for our end of year meeting.  You filled the room and I thank all of you for your support of the Newmarket Camera Club.

Guest Speaker

Our Guest Speaker was Mr. Larry Frank, former head of the Nikon School of Photography, accomplished photographer, teacher and raconteur.  For those who missed the event, I am sorry for you, Larry was amazing.  I also want to thank all the club members who chose to support Larry by purchasing his CD containing the PDFs of his books, and a special thanks to Larry for including the eBook version of what will be the core text in the photography program at Ryerson University.

If you did not attend or did not have the opportunity to purchase Larry's CD, you can reach him directly at his website  

2016 Member's Photo Contest

We also announced the winners of the 2016 photo contest and handed out the Henry's Gift Cards to those in attendance.  For the winners who missed the meeting, I will have your awards at the January meeting.  There is a new page on the website showing the winner, 1st runner up and 2nd runner up in each category.  Incredible work submitted.  A reminder to those who may be new, there are no "judges" at the Newmarket Camera Club.  The people who decided the winners were those who made the voluntary choice to vote.  Only the Curmudgeon's Award is selected by a single person, and is funded independently by that person.  Check out the images selected by you, our members.

As there is no December meeting, photo challenges were issues for both December and January.  Participation in challenges is completely voluntary, but I think that participating is cool, so ask that you consider doing so.  Here are the challenges to be reviewed at the January meeting.

Photo Challenges


Core Concepts - Full Face

Creative License - I Want To Hold Your Hand


Core Concepts - Low Light

Creative License - Shipwrecked

Surveys and Workshop Schedules Are Coming

I am grateful to all those who have offered to help with the club should I need it.  It's mostly a labour of love for me, but know that I really appreciate every offer of assistance, whether it is in organization, setup, teardown, events or membership management.

In order to keep the club vibrant I will be using surveys to query your opinions on a variety of things.  Participation is purely voluntary, but your feedback will help.  Expect to see surveys arriving in your email, with the first in the next week or so.

I will post the Workshops for Winter and Spring as soon as I get dates booked.  Thanks to all who offered ideas at the October meeting.

Shooting Event December 3rd

As noted previously, Julie Brocca and Isabel Kelly have worked to create some shooting events over the next several months.  On December 3rd we have the Distillery District Christmas Market and Nathan Phillips Square Holiday Lights shooting event.  No cost other you getting there, no lectures, no teaching, just a fun day of shooting starting at 2pm and going to about 8pm.  I hope to see you there.  More information is on the club calendar and I expect that we will see updates on the Google+ Club Private Page.

Light Painting PDF from the October Meeting

Thanks to Maxine for the comment about not finding the PDF of the Light Painting tutorial from the October meeting.  It was included in the October Meeting Summary post, but if you missed it, you may download it by clicking this link.

Some Thank Yous

Membership management is a huge task for any club, and we would be in trouble without the ongoing commitment of Isabel Kelly and Stephanie Sullivan.   Their tireless work makes operating the club much easier.

I have mentioned that Julie and Isabel have worked to organize shooting events.  For this, I am grateful.

I want to thank Terry Short for being so gracious as to provide musical CDs to all the winners of this year's Member's Photo Contest.  Terry is a very quiet and humble gentleman and his kindness is much appreciated.

My Wishes to All of You

However, you pass the holiday season, please accept my wishes to you and yours for peace, health and happiness.

September Challenges, Support Mental Health Event

Hey gang,

Your Core Concepts Challenge for September is SOFT

Your Creative License Challenge for September is EASY

Ahmad El-Farram is offering a special headshot promotion as part of a program to support helping out those facing mental health issues.  Please share with co-workers, friends and family.  It's a great deal and a good cause.  Click here for the PDF

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