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Hi members,

A couple of people asked that I post the contents of the last email

Hello everyone,

I wanted to get this message out right away.  At our last "custom" meeting, there was clear demand for the return of workshops and long form tutorials for club members.

I have completed the necessary work with the town and have locked in Sunday afternoons from November 2018 through November 2019, the second Sunday of each month for this purpose.

The next step is to get them on the club website calendar and to define what will be covered in each workshop.  The plan is that everything is hands-on.  That means your camera and gear, or your computer.  Real world stuff and no foo foo dust.

Now I just need some help defining the content.  I have received some suggestions so far, and as you know, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

The following topics are already confirmed, but I have not yet assigned dates as I want to be able to build on skills over the term.

Photography and Camera 101
Learn the key principles of photography and how to apply these principles to your camera.  We will cover the elements of exposure, focal length choices, exposure compensation, white balance and how to use these tools to make more successful images.  We will spend most of our time in Program mode for this class simply because it is so powerful as a tool to help folks get comfortable and confident

Photography and Camera 201
In this class we will build on the skills in 101 to move into the semi-automatic modes as well as full manual.  We will also explore some concepts that will help you be more successful such as the in camera histogram, live view as well as using accessory tools such as tripods, standard filters, remote controls and fill in flash.

Photographing for and Processing for Black and White
Black and white is not what we do when a colour shot does not work out.  Black and white is tougher to do well than colour, so this workshop is going to focus on shooting for black and white.  We will look at metering practices, deciding where tones should fall, learning to see without the distraction of colour.  Then using software for demonstration purposes, we will dive into black and white post production including when and how to use coloured filtration for your black and white, where curves and levels are best used and how to make compelling black and white images that stand the test of time

Managing Your Photos in Lightroom
This class is all about the Library module.  Develop a best practice for importing, for folder use and using collections.  We will talk about keywording, rating and ranking.  We will look at how we can use Collections to manage our core workflow and explore how metadata can help us in using Smart Collections.  We will also look at how the Library module helps us organize our images for online viewing and sharing as well as for populating an Adobe Portfolio site.

Integrating Lightroom and Photoshop
This class is all about looping in Photoshop when Lightroom is not enough.  What do we do where?  What happens when we round-trip?  How do we keep track of images when we back and forth?  There is no single right way, but there are some best practices that we can work on.  The class requires that the attendee have a computer and a subscription to at minimum the Adobe Photographer's bundle.

TTL Flash Is Easy
This class is all about using your flash more effectively.  All of today's cameras support TTL flash, but there is a lot of misunderstanding and a lot of BS about TTL.  You'll use your camera and your hot shoe mount speedlight flash to learn how TTL works, when it can be fooled, and how to get to a great shot quickly.  We will also cover mixing flash and ambient light, working to match colour temperatures with gels along with the use of creative exposure control to make great images with flash that don't necessarily look like flash.  This class applies to all TTL flashes but we will work with small flash only.  Light shaping tools for small flash will also be covered.

Photoshop for Lightroom Users
This class is built for folks comfortable in Lightroom but for whom Photoshop is still a mystery.  We will look at the most common Photoshop tools for Lightroom users and learn when they make sense.  Rather than an overly deep dive into Photoshop, we will spend our time on specific tasks that have wide ranging usability.

These are, I think a good start, but there are slots for 12 workshops and that means five of them have no subject yet.  Let me know what you want to learn, and if not covered already, I will look to build content in that regard.  The existing classes are built based specifically on member requests.  Please share your needs/wants via email.

I am going to hold the workshop fees to what they were two years ago, $50 per person per workshop.  Workshops will be limited to 20 attendees and will be first come, first registered.  Registration will be in advance,

If you are a new member and do not yet have access to the private page for the club on Google Plus, please click the link below to apply for access.

Thanks kindly , more to come


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