November Update #1


Let's all take a moment today to remember those who have served our great country as well the families and friends who stayed behind.  While we are often challenged, we are still free, thanks to to the men and women who made a difference.

There are still seats available for the Camera and Photography 101 workshop coming up next Sunday November 18th.  The workshop is designed to bring together the elements that go into an image and how you manage them on your personal camera.  It's very hands-on so you should bring your camera with you.   Email me at to register.

Our final meeting of the year is on Tuesday November 27th.  In addition to our shared images, we will have a presentation by Amina Mohamed on her trip to Uganda and a tutorial on using greens screen techniques in photography.  As it is our last meeting, members are encouraged to bring either treats to share, or food bank ready goods.  Any treats left over will go along with the food bank items to Inn From the Cold, the charity that we support every year.  This year I am adding food bank items, because while we always have extra treats, it might be nice to also offer foodstuffs that will not go bad in a couple of days.

Our themes this month are Seasonal Shifts and Closer Than You Think.  We already have some great submissions, but the show improves with your own submission.

We have had a great level of acceptance to our new member's conversation system.  Folks are on the site everyday and new content is readily being posted.  We did have a surprise challenge a week ago, when the mobile app was updated which prevented access from mobile devices for about six hours.  Thanks to Gordon who let me know and the issue was resolved very quickly once I was made aware of the problem.  If you have not yet accepted your invitation, please consider doing so.

All the invites have now gone out, so if you cannot find yours, please let me know at and I will resend it.

Thanks kindly , more to come


Ross Chevalier

Technologist, photographer, videographer, general pest

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