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Hello everyone,

Thanks to Jeff Ibbotson for his Gourd Delight image.

As you may have learned by now, Google has decided to shutter their Google Plus service.  This news came out on October 8th.  No end date has as yet been published formally but expectations are sooner rather than later.

About a month ago, I asked if members were interested in a similar forum / sharing option that would still be secure and still be private.  A few folks responded saying that they wanted the service to continue and did not have a preference as to where it was.  I want to bring you up to date on where I am with this.

The problem with free services, including those provided by social media hosts, is that they can change or disappear on the decision of the hosting party.  There is no service guarantee or service level agreement.  Most of them are sustained by targeted advertising that use cookies and other tools to gather information about you and to hit you with targeted ads both on the site and elsewhere.  While some people don't care, I hate this and will not go this route again.

I have been looking at forum style tools that will support easy image sharing, discussions and question and answer capabilities.  I am very close to decision on a paid service that will not hurt the club and that will be private.  All paid members will receive an email inviting you to join the new service when it goes live.

Only paid members will be able to access the service, ensuring your privacy and hopefully will reduce the load of applicants who are not members of our club, who ask daily to join for reasons unknown.

None of the content from Google Plus will be ported.  It's just not viable to do.  It will be a fresh start and I hope that what gets implemented will be used more widely than the current Google Plus offering has been.

I will keep everyone updated via the website and direct email as the change moves ahead.

Thanks kindly , more to come


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