August Meeting Location Site Change

With our meeting coming up a week from now, I was contacted by the town offering to move us to the auditorium at the Old Town Hall and Courthouse.  We were there last October and its a great facility.  Following the ridiculous amount of noise that impacted the June meeting, the town is very cognizant of our expectations and as they have booked Hall #1 beside our normal home for a staff party, they feared that the noise would be disruptive. Since the party is for town staff, I suspect sending Jan over to beat them up would be bad, so I have accepted their offer.  

The Old Town Hall and Courthouse is located at 460 Botsford Street, up the hill from the Community Centre.  While the address is Botsford, the entrance is around the south side.  Parking is very limited, so I recommend parking at the community centre and making the 5 minute walk up.  There is an elevator at the south side entrance so you do not have to climb the stairs.

Ross Chevalier

Technologist, photographer, videographer, general pest

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