Shoot Event June 4th

Join Andrej Baca for a tour of the Tinkl Gallery

Indoor and outside works of art.


Car pool meet at Newmarket Community Centre & Lions Hall at 200 Doug Duncan Drive 9:00 AM depart 9:30 AM


Viktor Tinkl is a sculptor and self-described ‘amateur architect.’ Indeed his creations incorporate sculpture, architecture and painting. According to the
Robert McLaughlin Gallery, “his work is informed by the Art Brut and the Outsider Art schools, revealing a great familiarity with European art history and architecture.” Viktor’s work has been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions since 1970 including the Art Gallery of Ontario, the University of Toronto Art Centre, the Bronfman Centre of Montreal, as well as the Merton and Isaacs galleries of Toronto. His work is in the Canada Council Art Bank, the Imperial Oil Bronfman Collection and numerous private collections. Perhaps Viktor’s most unique creation is also his most personal and beloved. It is the Tinkl family homestead, an old schoolhouse purchased in 1965 which, together with his wife and artistic collaborator Judith, he has transformed into what one art critic described as “a fantastical array of whimsical sculptures.” Located at:


S18735 Brock Road, Sunderland


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