January Meeting Summary

2017 On Smartphone Showing Forecasting

Welcome existing and new members to the 2017 Membership Year.

At our January meeting, a number of topics were covered.

Renewals for returning members are due by the February meeting, at which time non-renewing members and those who have signed up more than 90 days ago, but not paid will be removed from the membership list.  Membership fees have not changed and remain at $40 cash only.  I would like to welcome and thank Jan Melong, who has graciously agreed to help the club by volunteering to manage finances and memberships at our meetings.

I put out a call for assistance as one of the suggestions in the survey results was to get some help.  Presuming this is not a recommendation that I seek medical assistance, I have asked for volunteers.  I am grateful to the following people who have already put their hands up to provide assistance as they can;

Jan Melong - Jan is, as noted, taking on the role of membership finance management

Henry Psenicka - Henry has agreed to help coordinate outings and will be taking charge of the Butterfly Conservatory outing planned for February

Martin Weening - Martin has agreed to help where needed and has agreed to help with the setup and running of the coming "Photographing Bottles and Liquids" tutorial that members requested at the meeting

Terry Short - Terry has agreed to help where needed and has agreed to help with the setup and running of the coming "Photographing Bottles and Liquids" tutorial that members requested at the meeting

Ahmad El-Farram - Ahmad has agreed to help with photography business oriented tutorials and will be delivering the presentation on leveraging Facebook ads at the February meeting.

Glenn Rodger - Glenn is an accomplished music photographer and has offered to let people know when he is going to a gig and to invite them to come along to get the opportunity to shoot live music.  Glenn will use our Google Plus private page to announce these outings

I shared a synopsis of the year end members survey.  I will do a separate post consolidating the data.  About 10% of members responded and overall, the results indicate that we are on the right path.

We had a guest speaker in Mr. Phil Nielsen of Amplis Foto who gave a very powerful and well received presentation on selecting photo paper.  Phil brought many samples for members to see and his depth of knowledge on how different papers and surfaces would enhance the printed image was devoured enthusiastically.  Phil also stayed for Show Your Stuff, and many members who chose to show their work asked what paper surface would be a good choice.  Phil answered all the questions with well considered rationale and response.  I am very grateful that Phil came out to be with us.

We then had our Show Your Stuff presentation covering four themes and two months.  There were a number of submissions, all wonderful.  We also began our new presentation layout that does not obscure an image with text and does not include EXIF data.  We also started our new process that the submitting member can choose to tell the story and indicate if comments are desired.  We also agreed that comments would not be accepted if the member was not present to hear them.  Members agreed that they like this new format.

Monthly Themes for February are as follows;

Core Concepts - Compensation

Creative License - Hurt

Finally, I did a very fast overview of what's new in ON1 RAW.  What's new is the RAW converter and robust development module.  I have attached a copy of the presentation to this post.

ON1 RAW Presentation PDF

The current agenda for the February meeting, subject to change is;

Using Facebook Ads to Improve Your Photography Business with Ahmad El-Farram

How To Price Your Work with Ross Chevalier

Show Your Stuff 

Looking forward to seeing everyone in February.

Ross Chevalier

Technologist, photographer, videographer, general pest

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