July Meeting Synopsis

Bus-Ted by Lynda Bambury for School's Out

Bus-Ted by Lynda Bambury for School's Out

Thanks to all the folks who came out to the July meeting.  Turnout was rather small but that happens in the summer months.  We also had a very small showing of responses for the monthly challenge which was a bit disappointing.

Bryan gave an excellent DigiKnow on Exposure Compensation.  I did a very short demo of Astropad, an application that allows you to use an iPad like a Wacom tablet.  It is iDevice / Macintosh specific at the moment.  You can get more information on the product at www.astropad.com

I then did a tutorial on Luminosity masks using Channels and selections.  It is a bit of an advanced topic.  If you would like to get the detailed instructions, you can find them on The Photo Video Guy site by clicking this link.

We are in our usual room for August, no relocation to Twinney this year.  We have posted the August challenges and I hope that we get a larger response.  We also discussed more club photography events.  Isabel Kelly and I visited the Butterfly Conservatory and Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls.  A club event to the Butterfly place and Niagara will be announced shortly.  I want to thank Isabel, Stephanie, Julie and Terry who have volunteered to help us do more "let's go shooting" events.


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