It's Voting Time!!!

Vote Target Shows Evaluation Choice And Decision

Hey members!

Following seeing some truly wonderful entries in Print to Win at Tuesday's meeting, it's time for everyone to invest a bit of time in selecting your favourites in this year's Member's Photo Contest.

We ask that all club members invest the time to vote, because whether you entered or not, this is the best time for you as a club member to encourage your peers and recognize them for their work.  

For some folks, entering a contest is a real stretch, it's just not in their nature.  That style in no way minimizes their work and we should all be supportive.  For others, contests are ways to affirm their confidence.  We should support that too.

Each member will be able to vote once, and for integrity reasons, we capture your name in the first question.  I don't believe that any member would try to vote more than once, but in studying how to make entrants feel secure, this is a recognized step.  Your name will never be associated with how you vote, it simply validates that you are a current member and then is dropped.

Voting closes at midnight October 31st.  Please don't leave it to the last minute.  

Thank you for your support

Click this link to go to the voting ballot

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