Club Update Email - March 2015

It's been suggested that there is not enough communication from the Club to members, particularly those who have conflicts getting out to the meetings.  I'm going to try to improve the level of communications.  This post is a duplicate of an email sent out to paid 2015 members.

First off, the photos used on the emails will come from member submissions to a recent challenge.  Because of the layout, I will arbitrarily pick an image that has been submitted, where the photographer requested a critique and where the photo is in the landscape (horizontal) orientation.  This post's image is by Isabel Kelly who was the first member to submit and request a critique.

In March we had a great selection of submitted images.  Meeting attendees have suggested that we rotate the order of presentation instead of always starting with the photo review.  It's also been suggested that the reviews are running too long, so good guidance to Bryan and I to chatter less.  This was the first month where members could request a formal critique and I commend everyone who did.  As we have always promised our goal is to help not hurt, so unlike how other clubs and services handle these developmental offerings.

Our tutorial this month was on Getting a Great Print.  I am sorry that the presentation was a bit rushed.  I will be working to record a web capable video for posting on the website and linking through our Google Plus community page.

Bryan's Digi-Know related to his top ten tips on why your image may not be as sharp as you would like,  He has posted his tips on the Google Plus community.

Speaking of the community, if you are a club member, but not a member of the community, you are missing some of the value that our club brings.  In addition to weekly (more or less) assignments, there are lots of opportunities to post images, ask questions and help your peers.  If you are not a member please direct your browser here.  Just click the JOIN button and either Bryan or I will approve you.  This is a PRIVATE community only available to paid club members so your content is seen by members only and only members can make comments.

In 2015 we decided to offer two challenges per month, one on photographic core concepts and practices, the other called creative license where you make images to fit a theme, but the theme is not particularly directive.

Repeating Patterns is the April Theme for Core Concepts
Loud as a Whisper is the April Theme for Creative License

At our April meeting we will start with Bryan's Digi-Know content.  The tutorial is called Selecting Your Next Lens designed to help you define your most compelling use cases that will help you decide what type of lens to invest in next.

Members are encouraged to share their skills with their peers and if photography happens to be a business for you, we are perfectly ok if you want to make business cards available.  No pushed handouts, but if someone asks, feel free.

As most of you know, in addition to being a full time sales professional at Henry's in Newmarket, Bryan Weiss is owner / operator of Daytripper Photo.  To learn more about what DTP has to offer, have a look at their website.

In addition to being one of your hosts each month, I offer private training as well as mentor programs in various photographic and post-processing disciplines as well as the surprisingly (to me) popular website as well as host of The Photo Video Guy television program on Rogers TV.  I will usually put a note on the Google Plus community about new posts, but you can also go to the website directly.  I have recently been added to Nikon Canada's independent reviewer group and last month I got to work with the new D750 that I think is just brilliant.  Just today, I received the brand new D7200 for a two week evaluation.  You'll be able to see that review on if you are so inclined.

Every spring, I start with all best intent to do workshops for members outdoors with a specific skill development orientation.  Unlike our club tutorials that are presentation based, these workshops require you to make images as part of the skills development.  If there is a workshop that you think would be interesting, please send me an email with your suggestion.

Thanks for taking the time to read this communication, I hope you find the time spent useful.

Until next time, peace.

Ross Chevalier
The Photo Video Guy

Ross Chevalier

Technologist, photographer, videographer, general pest

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