Prepping for the November Meeting

Image courtesy Tracey Stanway

Image courtesy Tracey Stanway

Thank you to Tracey Stanway for the use of her image heading this email.

The November Meeting
It's just over a week to our final meeting of the year, and exactly one week until the final submission date for the November photo challenges.  Please ensure your submissions are in my mailbox by 6pm Sunday the 22nd of November.

We will kick off the meeting with a DigiKnow from Bryan Weiss that he calls "Give Yourself Permission".  Then we will move into the 2015 Contest Award Presentation.  We'll take a quick break and come back with a special tutorial called The Art of Seeing.  We will close our meeting with the November Photo Review.

In order to make The Art of Seeing compelling, I am inviting member submissions for this presentation.  The requirements are simple.  You choose a single image to submit that you have shot this year AND write a paragraph explaining what you saw before you pressed the shutter, what was in your mind's eye, what attracted you and why you see the image as special to you.  I will choose a maximum of 12 member images (first come first served most likely) for the presentation based on the image and the nature of the story that went behind the image.  Here's a tip, the image should be driving some emotional commotion inside you when you submit it.  We spend a fair bit of time on the technical aspects of image making and post processing and I want to help everyone to build on that foundation to tell incredible stories.  I look forward to seeing your submissions, otherwise you could be stuck with examples from me.

As this is the last meeting of the year we are asking all attendees to bring a little something to share with the rest of the members.  Beverages are fine, but no alcohol because our permit does not allow for it.  Don't go overboard, snacks and cakes and such are great.  Any extras last year were taken to feed those in need by Brian Steeves who supports such an organization, and I would like to propose the same this year.  

We will announce two months worth of challenges at the meeting so you will have lots to shoot between the meeting and when we start up again in January 2016.  Any members who wish to do their membership renewal for 2016 at the meeting can see me there.  Membership remains $40 per member, cash only please.

I hope to be able to share some early 2016 Club Workshop schedules and also to be able to direct any interested parties to my site for more in depth workshops that will be offered by The Photo Video Guy.

As we have been supported in our contest by the Henry's Newmarket Store, I ask that when members consider a photo or video purchase to think about supporting Chris Atkinson and his team, including our own Mr. Weiss with your holiday purchases. 

Join Our Google Plus Private Community
New members may not realize that we have a very busy private community on Google Plus.  Click the link at the bottom of this message to go to the private community.  If you are not a member, you will be asked to JOIN.  Do so and you will be approved shortly.  There's lots of discussion and great opportunity to post your images knowing that they are not going all over the internet.  Reasonable information has it that Google will be rolling Google Plus into a different Google offering at the end of the year.  While this may mean the end of Google Plus as we know it, be assured that the club WILL have a home on social media for sharing of photos and information.  Until Google makes changes, Google Plus is our social media outlet.

Until next time, peace.

Ross Chevalier
Club Founder


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