Preparing for the Night Workshop

What do I bring?  This is a big question asked by attendees, so let me try to help you out.

Your camera should be able to hit at least ISO 6400

Your camera should have decent noise control, meaning that it is not really noisy in low light.

Your camera should have long exposure noise reduction for +4m exposures

You'll want to bring a wide angle lens to control stellar motion, and you would like this to be as fast as possible.  A Canon 17-40/4, Canon 16-35/2.8, Nikon 16-35/4 or Nikon 14-24/2.8 as examples.  Certainly you can go with primes as well so long as they are optically fast.  You'll typically shoot at mid apertures but you also want to be able to see through the viewfinder so you can set focus.  Oh and if you have a fisheye or you can borrow one, they can be a lot of fun.

Your camera should have manual focus capability

Your camera should accept a remote, and you should have one with you, preferably one where you can program the long exposure although manual locking releases and a watch work well.  

Your tripod should be sturdy and you might want to be able to hang a weight from the centre column (camera bag works for this)

Flashlight or headlamp with a RED gel

A Hoodman loupe is going to be a great tool to help with your focus

You'll want to remove any protective or other filters from your lens for night shots

More to come...



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