The Night Workshop

Saturday July 12, 2014 9:00pm Meet at the side of the road Concession 5 east of where it crosses Hwy 400

The promised session, is a practical and hands-on approach to night  and controlled light photography.  Instead of listening to talk, you'll get personal coaching on shooting at night for night skies, star trails and long exposures of traffic.  Maybe even a little bit of light painting.  Admission will be $10 per person, registration is required.

It will be fun and we will start at 9pm to allow for less light and therefore longer shutter speeds. We will meet where the 5th Concession Bradford crosses Hwy 400.  This is out in farmland so bring a small flashlight so you don't trip over something.  The location will allow for long exposures from a highway overpass but also some night sky work.  There will be less light pollution than if in town, but it won't be like up north eh?  This is a "more shooting - less talking" workshop so make sure that your battery is charged and that there is lots of space on the memory card.  As is typical with workshops, you may not get that game changing photo at the workshop, but you will be build the skills to help you get the shot when it counts.

What to bring?

Camera with wide to short telephoto lens, a fisheye if you have one
Smartphone with Skywatch or similar app
Remote release for long exposures
Flashlight (preferably with a removable red gel so as not to destroy your night vision)
Empty card
Fully charged battery
Something with a stopwatch or timer (such as the aforementioned smartphone)
Gaffer tape or other black tape (to make a very cheap yet functional snoot for your flashlight)

I know that many of you will be attending the Daytripper Photo Birds of Prey event on the Sunday morning, so we will be done by around 11pm.

If you will be attending, please email me directly at

See you there!


Ross Chevalier

Technologist, photographer, videographer, general pest

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