Only a couple of weeks to go...

Some interesting submissions for Quiet Normal Life have been received, and I'm looking forward to seeing many more.  I like this challenge because it can be an encouragement to get outside the comfort zone and focus on seeing what quiet normal life can be as a story in your terms.  We are definitely seeing some Day in the Life style images that are quite lovely in their simplicity.  I would encourage members that your story doesn't have to be about your quiet normal life, it could be another person, another creature or even aspirational.  Challenge yourselves, I await even more wonderful images.

As mentioned at the last meeting, one of the instructional topics will be using composites in panoramas as well as in more traditional shots to construct a high density image.  This is more than just pano.

I would also remind members that Henry's, who supports the club, have their Exposure show coming up May 23-25.  You can get tickets at any Henry's store.  Bryan will be there doing sales at the Henry's counter, and I volun-hired to man the booth for the Phantom II Vision recreational aircraft with built-in camera.  Hope to see you at the show.  It's always a good opportunity to see items not found in store, to talk to vendor representatives and to get that one (or more) thing you really really need.

Ross Chevalier

Technologist, photographer, videographer, general pest

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