March Meeting Reminder

Our monthly meeting is next Tuesday so please submit your entries for the March challenge "Velvet" before 6pm this Sunday March 23rd.  I am a bit behind on the website updates, but all images received will be posted by then.

Topics this Meeting

Spring brings the opportunity to get back outside and get images of people and nature doing stuff, be it kids on bikes, to waterfalls to night skies so we thought that a perfect prep for spring shooting would be to cover two really important topics.

Bryan is going to talk about stability.  We have a lot of newer photographers and getting sharp clear images is critical to all of us.  So to help out, Bryan is going to talk about how to select your last tripod first, what materials are best overall, how to select a height, what different leg section counts mean and then how to set your tripod for different situations such as mud, running water or on hills.  He will also look at the value behind multi-angle legs and angled centre columns.  

No tripod is complete without the right head and different head types do different jobs.  Those who attended my closeup and DSLR video seminars sponsored by Henry's have heard the rationale to pick the right head, but not everyone knows the concepts, so Bryan is going to help you pick the right head, covering things like ball size, pan options, friction controls, access plates and the like.

Then we will talk about the importance of a good remote release.  We will look at cabled and wireless releases and there will also be a demonstration of the very impressive Camranger solution that lets you control your camera from your mobile device, regardless of which camera you own.

Our second session is called "Slow" and Ross will take you through situations where you may want to try using slower shutter speeds for creative effect, to show motion, or to add dynamics to an otherwise static shot.  How do you know which shutter speed to start at?  How do I know where to start for star trails?  How much motion blur is enough?  What speed do I choose if I want to do a pan?  Lots of questions and lots of answers.

Clean Your Sensor Seminar

Bryan has a seminar at Henry's on March 30th on how to clean your sensor.  For more information consult the Google + pages for the club or for Daytripper Photo.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

Ross Chevalier

Technologist, photographer, videographer, general pest

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