Monthly Challenge Changes

As announced on Google Plus and at the meeting, we are making changes to our Monthly Challenge model.

Each month we will now have two challenges.  Each member may submit images for whichever challenge that they wish to participate in, but one challenge only.

Our first challenge type is called CORE CONCEPTS.  These challenges will be clear, and very directed to help members work on core concepts or be required to produce a particular image outcome.  The goal of these challenges is to get members who felt that the creative challenges were to complex or hard to follow, and of course to help folks build their skill level with proven technique mastery.

Our second challenge type is called CREATIVE LICENSE.  These will be similar to what we've done, where interpretation of the theme, and a fair bit of creative license is allowed.  These challenges are non-directive and exist to help you build your own creative outlet, develop a style, or build portfolio content.

I'm confident that by doing this we can create more value and get more members involved in monthly submissions.  I want to thank member Sheryl Kingstone for the suggestion of adding CORE CONCEPTS.

As we have no meeting in December, two sets of challenges have been issued as follows;

December 2014 - submit by December 31, 2014

CORE CONCEPTS - Rule of Thirds

Use the Rule of Thirds to drive your composition and be able to articulate how you used this compositional tool and why it works.


It's a creativity challenge.  What does this mean to you?  What can you envision?  How can you take the skills you have, and add your imagination to produce something compelling?

January 2015 - submit by 6pm January 25, 2015


The idea of the still life is an old one but a critical element in the development of skills related to lighting, shadow, use of reflectors, and managing colours and textures.  Entrants should review the still life work of old masters paintings for ideas on how to setup, what to do, and even what you might try to reproduce photographically.


Again, this is all about your creativity!  What story does your image tell that fits the theme of Rumours?  How can you unleash your inner artist to make an image that fits the theme?

Ross Chevalier

Technologist, photographer, videographer, general pest

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