A New Look for our Site

Following questions and suggestions from members, I have changed our core theme for the Club website to allow for full browser window images with no text overlaid on the images. 

Initial feedback has been very positive, but note that the change made some architectural shifts that has required the movement and creation of new containers, specifically for the Member Info and Monthly Themes sections. 

If you had bookmarks set for these sections, you will need to recreate them.   

Also new is an Index viewer for galleries.  Galleries are just collections of images.  When you are looking at a full screen gallery a small icon will appear in the lower right corner of the browser window that looks like a window frame.  Clicking it will open the gallery in Index view so you can see at a glance all the pictures in the gallery.  To return to full screen view, simply click the X in the upper right corner. 

Members had been mentioning that loading the Photo Contest page was taking a long time.  After talking to the support people at Squarespace and experimenting, I have changed the format.  Each theme now has its own page under 2013 Photo Contest.  When you go to the theme page you will see a grid of all the entries for the theme.  The grids have a feature called Lightbox enabled so to see any image larger, just click it and the image will move into a lightbox layout.   You will be able to move back and forth through the lightbox using the right and left arrow keys.  Click the X in the upper right corner to return to the grid view

Ross Chevalier

Technologist, photographer, videographer, general pest

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