Nice to see the Contest entries! - Couple of requests though!!

Hey everyone!  It's great to see some of the entries coming in for the 1st Annual Newmarket Camera Club Photo Contest sponsored by Henry's Newmarket.   

Each category is now official, meaning that there are at least three entries in it.  Last day for submission is September 15th.

A couple of requests...

Please be kind.  Try to send one or two shots per category at a time.  Managing an influx of ten shots from each person is more work than I anticipated.  There is no limit to your entries but I sized this on the basis that entries would be funding the prize pool.  Now that we aren't doing that, the number of entries per person has gone up a wee bit :) 

Please also read the submission guidelines.  For example, anything you wish to enter in the Street category must be in black and white.  A couple of folks have missed that requiring a round of back and forth emails. 

The most important submission guideline is about size.  Most any photo contest I have ever seen places size requirements on entries and this one is no different.  Entries must be JPEGs and no more or less than 1024 pixels on the long side.  All photo editing software allows you to set an export size.  Just make the long side 1024 pixels.  I find that I have to resize most of the entries and this takes a lot of time.  The other size requirement getting missed is that since the images are going on the web, they should be exported at 72dpi, not 300 or 240 or 669(?).  This produces a lovely web image and along with the 1024 pixel long side limit keeps the attachment size smaller which is much easier on my bandwidth and my inbox without compromising the beauty of the work.

If you cannot figure out how to resize your images before sending them along and you use Windows, I cannot help you much, but if you use a Mac, open the image in Preview and from the Tools menu, choose Adjust Size.  Couldn't be simpler. 


Ross Chevalier

Technologist, photographer, videographer, general pest

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