ANNOUNCEMENT : Newmarket Camera Club 1st Annual Photo Contest

We are happy to announce the 1st Annual Newmarket Camera Club Photo Contest sponsored by Henry's Newmarket.  There are ten categories and the category winner will receive a Henry's Gift Card worth $50.  We are incredibly grateful to Henry's for their sponsorship.  Manager Chris Atkinson really stepped up when I offered them sole sponsorship in return for their support.  They support the club, members should support that store.

Like all contests this one has rules.  I hope that they are simple. 

  1. Only members can enter
  2. Only members can vote.  Each member may only vote once. 
  3. Any images you submit will be shown on our club website.  You retain full rights to your images but grant the club irrevocable unlimited rights to publish your entry on our website and in marketing materials for the Newmarket Camera Club without compensation or prior approval
  4. An entry must be assigned to a theme.  An entry can only be assigned to a single theme.  You may not enter the same image into multiple theme categories.  So the photo of your loveable soccer playing tiger that wears floral tiaras running across the Siberian tundra can only be entered once.  But, if you enter this photo, you've probably got that category sewn up.
  5. The contest closes to entries on September 15, 2013.  A survey link will be emailed to all active members within two days asking each member to visit the web site and vote on their faves.  Each member may only vote once.   Only electronic voting will be available
  6. Gaming the contest by having a bunch of people join our free club so they can vote to help you win a prize will be frowned upon and nasty comments will be made.  (I had to put this stupid rule in - I know no member would actually be so low as to pull this kind of crap.)
  7. A theme must have at least three entries to qualify for a prize.  You could still win a theme if there are only one or two entries but it will be recognition only.
  8. There are no age or gender limitations on entries, however we are placing a species restriction in place and will only accept images from human photographers. 
  9. In the event of a category tie, a non-partisan person will cast the deciding vote, said non-partisan person to be appointed on demand.  So it will probably end up being my daughter.  Bryan and I have agreed not to vote.


I really hope that's enough of that.  Here are the contest themes

  • Wildlife - photos of animals not typically found in the home, but not wild birds
  • Birds - photos of wild birds
  • Your Pet - photos of the wildlife that lives with you
  • Luscious Landscapes - photos of beautiful landscapes
  • Someone You Love - photos of your loved one(s)
  • Sports - photos of people engaged in a sport, amateur or professional
  • Street Shooting - photos shot on the street of people and scenes.  All street shooting entries must be converted to black and white
  • Horticulture - photos of flowers, plants, bonsai and anything of the flora nature
  • Your Hobby - photos about your hobby, perhaps with you in the photo
  • Portraits - photos made of someone as a portrait

Those should keep us all busy over the summer.   Here are the details about your entry (entries)

Each entry must have the following characteristics

  • Saved as JPEG (EXIF data would be nice but if you cannot do that, your entry still counts)
  • Sized to 1024 pixels on the longest side, may be any shape
  • Resolution set to 72 DPI
  • No visible watermark  (Your images are protected against right-click download on our site)
  • Photo must have a title
  • You must indicate which theme category you want the photo entered into
  • Each entry must specify the real full name of the photographer (which has to be you, you cannot submit someone else's work), your mailing address, telephone number and a functioning email address.  This information will be used solely for the award and sorting process and will not be shared with retailers, sellers or anyone else. 

Entries must be sent by email to .  Do not send prints, or send me links to online hosting locations, I will not go get your entries.

I think that this is about it, but since I have likely forgotten something, I reserve the right to update this post at will.

Oh yeah, there's the bafflegab protection stuff. 

If you enter this photo contest, you do so of your own free will, and without duress.  The Newmarket Camera Club, Chevalier Media Group, Ross Chevalier, Bryan Weiss and anyone else silly enough to work on this have no responsibility for anything that goes wrong ever, in perpetuity.  By entering you agree to hold us harmless from EVERYTHING EVER.  That pretty much sums things up.  And if we don't get enough entries to make at least 80% of categories awardable, we will cry like little children and find some way to return your entry donation, but we'll be really sad and it will take some time.


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