Kicking June Off

Hey everybody!

Wanted to get a message out on what's happening going into June.

Mastering Bracketing Workshop

Thanks to everyone who signed up and came out for the workshop.  Feedback fro attendees was very positive so I am very glad that folks had a good time and learned stuff.

June Meeting Challenge

We had a great set of submissions for Principle of Moments, so to keep you busy in preparation for the June meeting your monthly challenge is "Wish You Were Here".  Go to it!

Meeting Update

Thanks and a tip o the hat to Darren Gahan for providing us with the Introduction to Photoshop Elements.  Feedback has been wonderful with many people saying that they had no idea how powerful Elements is, and others saying that they got a lot out of the session on how to use software that they already own but have found the vendor tutorials to be poorly done.  Thanks Darren!  We also had our Introduction to Light Painting with the emphasis on light painting people.  Again, thanks to all for the compliments on the content.  Thanks to Bryan and Isabel for being volunteer models.

Posing Workshop

The next workshop for club members will be held at the amphitheater at Fairy Lake park in Newmarket.  We'll be covering learning to pose people so they don't look like they hate you or are made out of wood.  Please email to book your spot.  Cost for the workshop is $20 cash.  You will need a camera and lens suitable to use for portraits.  If you have a shoe mount flash and diffuser, bring them too.  Attendees will work in pairs sharing shooting and modeling roles for the exercises.  For those who have not taken a workshop with me, I try not to spend much time talking and to keep you active actually making images.  So if you have shots of people and you think that they could use a step up, register and learn some simple and effective posing techniques.

Photoshop for Photographers

A reminder that Kelby Training is bringing their full day workshop to Toronto on June 19th from 10am to 5pm.  Many of your member friends have already registered so if you are interested head over here to register.

Beginners Start Here

I'm so excited to have so many new photographers joining the club.  Sometimes a quick introductory class is just the ticket.  You can take classes from retailers, hire a private instructor, buy a book, lots of routes.  But one I recommend is training from Kelby Training.  Coming up on June 6th is a FREE webinar called Beginners Start Here.  Follow this link for more information.  It will cost you nothing but your time and you will have to endure some ads for Kelby services, but in the long run it's worth your time.  What if you aren't a beginner any more?  Who knows if there isn't something here for you?

Training Coming at the June Meeting

While the entire meeting is not mapped yet, I wanted to let people know that one of our topics will be Introduction to Studio Flash.  This is the follow on to the Getting Your Flash Off the Camera session.  We'll explore studio flash, remotes, stands, light modifiers and spend some time on setting up the lights for different lighting styles that we've talked about in the past.  We'll be featuring gear from Elinchrom, Bowens, Sekonic, Kupo, Avenger and others.

And more...

Thanks to the generous member who permitted use of the photo for our FEC segment.  Very positive feedback for the photo and for the conversation.  We also shared that our Framework photos to review for June are by Alfred Eisenstadt and include Kiss in Times Square and one of the casual portraits of Marilyn Monroe shot in her yard.  If you like some of Eisenstadt's work as you do your homework, try to find a copy of the out of print Witness to Our Timebook.  It's fabulous, but I am biased as I recognize Eisie as the photographer that inspired me to pick up the camera.

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