The April Meeting is next week...

Man time flies when you're having fun.  Or busy.  Or it just flies.

We're now less than a week away from the April meeting and there's still time until Sunday at 6pm to get your entries in for the Fragile challenge.  Thanks to all who have submitted and to those who have agreed to have the photo potentially used in the FEC exercise.

The training exercise this month will be on getting the most out of your off camera flash.   We'll be doing a series of live shots against a backdrop tethered to the projector so you'll see the shots as they are made.  All shots will be made with speedlite type flash and a variety of light modifiers.  We won't look at specific light types because we've covered this before, this will be all practically focused with examples of how different modifiers work.  Tips will be offered, secrets will be revealed and you'll get a chance to see live several different modifiers and be able to decide for yourself which ones suit you best.

It's going to be great!  See you at the meeting!

Ross Chevalier

Technologist, photographer, videographer, general pest

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