Thanks to Henry's Newmarket!

Last night was the Newmarket Camera Club special event hosted by Henry's in Newmarket.  There was a wonderful turnout of members to ask questions and leverage the special camera club discount for new items.  Thanks to all of you for supporting a business that supports our club.

Thanks to all the people at Henry's who worked to make the event a success.  To Louise, Sara, Quyen and Bryan, on behalf of the club, I thank you very much.  Louise Booth is the assistant manager and really championed doing something special for the club.  She also provided Red Velvet cupcakes that I know were a success due to their speed of being consumed.  A special tip o the hat to Sara May who made a custom three layer cake for club members.  Members making purchases received a free Lenspen and Henry's shopping bag and all attendees had the opportunity to complete a ballot to win a Henry's $100 Gift Card.  

Since inception in July of 2011, the club has grown to over 250 registered members.  Henry's Newmarket has supported us since the beginning.  We can all be thankful for their support.

Ross Chevalier

Technologist, photographer, videographer, general pest

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