Critiques During the Challenge Review

I should note, that following the January meeting, there were some concerns and complaints raised that the Review at some times became overly critical.  While I was not at the meeting, I am sorry to hear this.  We have seen a substantial growth in membership, and it appears that some new folks did not understand that our review is not a critique such as that offered by other clubs.  When the club was founded, Bryan and I agreed that the challenge review would not be a critique session and we've tried hard (and been mostly successful) in conveying this to members.

Critiques can be a powerful tool for photographers.  However, we stated outright that critiques are not part of the challenge review.  I would ask all members to understand and accept this.  If you are looking for a place where you can critique another's work, this is not the place for you.  Our members have a reasonable expectation of respectful discourse and those who choose to be overly critical will be asked to be silent or to leave the meeting at their choice.  This topic is not open for discussion.

Ross Chevalier

Technologist, photographer, videographer, general pest

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