Bring your camera to the February meeting!

We're going to be talking about getting perfect focus, great exposure and reading histograms this month. Bring your camera so you can work along with us.


You might wonder why we are going back to basics.  The answer is simple.  We have had a lot of new folks join the club since the last time we covered this kind of material (exposure and histograms) and we've never covered how to get the most out of your autofocus system.  

Bryan and I have also been getting a lot of questions through our various interactions about what the different focus modes mean and a lot of concerns about why images just aren't sharp when they were ostensibly in focus according to the camera and why when the camera says things are sharp, and the image is sharp, the viewfinder image is not.  

So, even if you know everything about these subjects, there's always a chance to learn more everything.

Ross Chevalier

Technologist, photographer, videographer, general pest

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