Contest Winners!

Hey everyone!

Here are the winners in the first annual Newmarket Camera Club Photo Contest as selected by YOU the members.

1.  Birds - American Tree Sparrow - Pamela Beale

2.  Horticulture - Yellow Tulip - Mihai Costea

3.  Landscape - Heavenly - Doug Underwood

4.  My Hobby - Backpacking in the Grand Canyon - Gord Clarke

5.  Pets - Yahoo! - Geoff Smith

6.   Portraits - Fragile - Isabel Kelly

7.  Someone You Love - Sharing Secrets - Isabel Kelly

8.  Sports - Jazzing the Glass - Perry Craig

9.  Street - Paris Fountain - Kris Kowalewski

10.  Wildlife - Young Fox - Nick Shearman

I don't envy the voters (Bryan and I did not vote) as there were so many amazing photos to choose from and most categories were very close.  One tie was resolved by a third party as noted would occur in the event of a tie.  Isabel Kelly walked away in Portraits and Someone You Love and I have to give serious credit to Gord Clarke (top 3 in 3 categories), Perry Craig (top 2 in 2 categories) and Mihai Costea (top 2 in 2 categories).  Some members entered one image, some entered dozens, all were really wonderful.  

Henrys has provided the promised gift cards for the winners, so please see me at the October or November club meeting to claim your prize.  Thanks to all for entering!


Ross Chevalier

Technologist, photographer, videographer, general pest

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