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Hello NCC members!  

As many of you know, our favourite social media site is Google Plus and the Googlians recently added a new service called Communities.  Basically they are the modern day equivalent of the old communities of interest in wikis and forums, but easier to use and much more beautiful.

How do you see and join these awesome communities?  


First get a Google Plus ID by going here and selecting join.  If you already have a Google ID you'll be prompted to sign in.  There you go, you have a Google Plus page

Then click the little icon on your Google Plus page for Communities.  It looks like this.


Then you want to join some Communities.  Here are three you should join right away

The Newmarket Camera Club Community   It's us on Google Plus

The Photo Video Guy Community  Ross Chevalier's blog for photographers

The Daytripper Photo Community  Bryan Weiss' site for his training business

You may have to apply to join because the creators want to control access but that's not a big deal.  There are a ton of other very good communities there in addition to these of course.

Google Plus is social media for photographers, amongst other folks, where you will find good information, cool people and an EULA that doesn't steal your stuff like oh say Facebook or Flickr.  C'mon in the communities are hopping.

Ross Chevalier

Technologist, photographer, videographer, general pest

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