Changes to the Meeting structure

Hello members!

Well August is done and we are into September.  We have attained incredible growth both in membership and in member participation in our monthly challenges.  In order to keep the meetings on track and on schedule, I am changing the meeting structure effective the September meeting.

Members enjoy the challenge review.  However, the last several months have resulted in reviews going well over an hour and a half and recently over two hours.  Feedback is that this is too long and forces a rush during the training activities.  I don't want meeting attendees burning out.  I've been looking for alternatives and have decided to implement a suggestion from Paul McLean, one of our first members.  

As we post every entry to the website, we will start the review with a slideshow of every submitted image, so members should feel free to continue submitting plenty of shots.  Following that we will focus our conversation on 10-12 images that we believe allow for the greatest level of discussion and learning opportunities around the challenge and that are fine examples of key photographic principles.

We will also start to shuffle the content blocks around a bit, perhaps starting with a training segment, then going on to the review, and then either another training, or Q&A or discussion session.

I know that some folks hate change, and I hope that these changes will not dissuade members from coming to meetings.  Given the feedback I am getting, I think that these changes will be positive, but if they don't work out, then we will try something else.

Thanks for your understanding and support.


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