Firmware Updates You Might Care About

We have a lot of members in the club shooting the Canon 7D.  Canon has made Firmware Update 2.0 available for download on their website, and the package contains the instructions to update your camera.  There are some significant enhancements to be found and I recommend users be current on their firmware.  Packages are available for Mac and Windows.

Link to Download

The Pocket Wizard people have updated the firmware on their TTL1 and TTL5 controllers for Canon.  The new code is version 6.150 and adds support for extended control as well as the new radio controller for the Sekonic L-358 Flash Meter.  You need to install the PocketWizard Utility on your computer (the CD was in the box with the unit) and then connect the PW to the computer with the supplied USB cable.  When you launch the PW utility click the Update button and download the new firmware.  Update is very quick.

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