Happy Canada Day +1

To all members and guests, I wish you a very happy Canada Day.  It's a good time to be thankful for all the amazing things that Canada brings to us.  As we spend our time as we choose, it is a great time to make photographs, of friends, family, wildlife, fireworks, whatever suits you.

Meeting Recap

We had an awesome turnout for the June meeting with a lengthy photo review (thanks to all who responded to my somewhat worried message about lack of entries) of incredible contributions to the Fear theme.  We saw lots of diverse approaches to the theme and the variances were eye-opening.  

Gabriel speaks on backupWe then had a great presentation from Gabriel on the critical path to backing up your images.  

Jay talks on photographing water dropletsJay then shared his architecture for shooting water drops.

We closed with a quick demo on the effectiveness of continuous cool lighting for portraiture.  The set we showed is the Erin Manning kit that is a prize in the Daytripper Television Photo Contest.  Submit your entries to the show here.

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