Coming soon - the June meeting

It's coming up, our June meeting and folks want to know what's going to happen.

First we'll have our Fear photo review, but that's going to require some entries people, so send in your photos to me of whatever the theme means to you.  Please note that our requirements have changed.


  • JPEG only
  • No links to other services, just photo attachments
  • Images no larger than 2mb
  • All EXIF data intact (because the new site allows for showing the EXIF data in the current gallery)
  • Watermark on the image for preference.


Following the review, Gabe Bousquet has agreed to conduct a short presentation on proven strategies to back up your work.  He may even share the secret of the little symbol.

I am also pleased to announce that Jay Stinson will give a short presentation on how to capture photographs of water droplets.  We were all inspired by Jay's shot a couple of months back and a number of members have written asking for a tutorial.

Then I think I will finally get to the session on lighting with cool lights that I have been talking about for a while.  I will be showing a Westcott Spiderlite TD5 kit and I really hope to be able to show the brand new Westcott ICE light as well.  I have it now, the only question is whether or not I can justify keeping it.

There will be more of course, accompanied by the usual silliness and me thinking that I'm funny, coupled with Bryan shaking his head sadly.

I also want to thank member Kelly who sent a great suggestion list of topics to cover in future meetings.  Thanks Kelly!

More to come and see you on the 26th at 6pm.


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