Member Update for May 18, 2012

Hey everyone,

I wanted to get a short post up before I head off to Seattle for a week so here goes...

Please be sure to send in your challenge entries for Bring On The Night by Monday evening so I can have the deck finished for Bryan for this coming Tuesday night's club meeting.  We have some amazing shots already on the gallery but are always looking for more.  If you've submitted more than one and didn't specify which one goes into the Photo Review, let me know by email at

Episode 18 of the Photo Video Guy Podcast is now up on iTunes and at  This episode we look at rumours about a new larger sensor camera from Nikon, look at the specs for the rumoured Canon T4i, chat about the Sony NEX-F3, listen to thoughts on grids from David Hobby and I review some flash modifiers from the good people at Honl.  I appreciate it very much when club members listen to the podcast and subscribe to it on iTunes.  The audience continues to grow and while it's not generating any revenue yet, I remain hopeful.

And moving on to the website, I am very sensitive to the concerns about performance of the site.  I have had long conversations with the hosting provider that I use and tests indicate that the problem is the platform not the host.  Basically, this site has a lot of content and member engagement areas, plus logins and calendars and a bunch of other things that I did via plugins for Wordpress.  Wordpress is fine for blogs.  It's not fine for this level of work.  I am in the process of evaluating a completely different platform on a different hosting framework.  Since it is all on my dime, I am being very selective before making a decision but I really hope to have the decision made and the initial new site up in the next couple of weeks.  I could start stripping out things and that would improve the current performance but I'm not a fan of going backwards.  If I am successful in my consolidation efforts the new service won't cost me a lot more than what I am doing now and have already paid for plugins and themes and other stuff that leaves me increasingly underwhelmed.

Bryan has some good material for the meeting following the photo review and will be going deep on point and shoot cameras at the request of some of our members.  Timing is good since he knows this stuff with great depth and I, well let's just say that Point and Shoots aren't anywhere on my personal hit parade, so you'll get great info without any sarcasm from yours truly.

I am very excited that June's Challenge theme comes to us from a member and I am very grateful to this person for the suggestion,  Bryan will announce the theme at the end of the Photo Review.

I'm sorry I will miss the coming meeting, the shots that have been submitted already are really very good and I was looking forward to hearing your thoughts about your images.  Unfortunately I will be in Seattle at the company Partner Conference and stuck in a stadium that night watching the Mariners do whatever it is that they do.  I think it's baseball, but I'm ignorant of that sort of thing.

Henry's has the big Exposure show the weekend of the 27th and there will be lots of cool stuff to see.  My contacts at Westcott say that their live shoot area will be the biggest they've ever done.  They will have professional models and their own modifiers and continuous light systems prepared.  There are also numerous training sessions in addition to all the vendor displays.  If you do not have tickets, please email and he can get you a PDF that you can print that will get you free admission.

I also want to thank everyone who has been very supportive of our efforts on Daytripper Television.  DTP TV is a separate business entity from Daytripper Photo.  Bryan and I are partners in the television show, whereas he is the proprietor of Daytripper Photo.  Our producer at Rogers has been really enthusiastic about the program and the first six episodes are in regular rotation.  Last week, we shot an additional six episodes and hopefully you will enjoy those when they air.  We have also submitted a proposal for an additional twelve episodes and want to include sessions outside the studio in those episodes.  If you like the show, and are willing to support us, please send an email to and let her know that you like the show and want more of it.

I would also request that you consider sending images in to the Daytripper Television photo contest which is  The themes we announced in the first six episodes are;

  • Somebody You Love

  • Same Shot Different Exposures

  • Selective Focus, Lens Alternatives

  • Shoot in Different Kinds of Light

  • Get Your Flash On

  • Your Muse

I know you've got shots that fit, so take a chance and who knows you might win a really cool prize!

Thanks to all who support the club with your suggestions, your images and your attendance at our meetings.  We aren't even a year old yet and the club has grown significantly.  You all make a huge difference and I am really getting a lot out of learning from you.

Until I see you next, peace!

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