Member Update / Bryan's HDR

Hey everyone,

As noted in the email sent to members, we've made some changes to the registration form for new members to require first and last names, plus a contact telephone.  Those of you who have been members since early days are asked to update your profile (Membership | Manage Your Profile) if you have not already done so.  The new form also allows you to upload a picture of yourself if you wish, but that is not mandatory.

I have also implemented some services to prevent / reduce comment spam and to prevent new signups by bots so new members will need to use the ReCaptcha function now added to prove their humanity.  I guess it's good news that we have become sufficiently successful that bots are signing up for membership, but ripping them out is a pain so I'm trying to stop them before they start.  I'm sensitive that we are asking for more now and appreciate your support in keeping this a great club.

Due to lots of interest in Bryan's HDR presentation, we've recorded a new version with a voiceover by Bryan. The article on the site has not changed, but the video link now displays the new video.

Also a big kudos to Gabe for his suggestion for our new photo library software.  His suggestion works really nicely and hasn't cost me a lot either.

Cheers and thanks!

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