The first thing I have to say is WOW!  Almost 50 people are registered to come to the March Newmarket Camera Club meeting!  That is way larger than we ever thought our "little" club would get.  Could it be because there's no annual fee?  Could it be because of the information we empart at every meeting?  Could it be our patented photo review? Or could it just be the fact that Ross and I are just so darn cool??  (I know Im pushing it now...)

Well I think its because of my Sweet Shelli!  Once again, we will be treated to an assortment of Sweet Shelli's Cookies and Treats at tonights meeting.  I always think it's nice to enjoy one of these sweet treats while talking about something we all love.. Photography!  So Shelli has once again graciously donated a large platter of treats for our club.   I am working on getting us some Tim Hortons coffee for future meetings but it won't be there for tonight so please remember to bring something to drink.  If you want to see Sweet Shelli's Facebook page, here's the link...

As far as tonights content, It is back to the basics for us!  We will be recapping the essentials of photography.... Exposure!  With that and a full presentation on the Lensbaby, and our photo review, this promises to be a fantastic meeting!


So, See you all there at 6pm and don't forget your drink!

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