Changes to the Member Challenge Submission process

As discussed in last night's meeting, I have decided that the club will not continue to use Flickr as our photo sharing site.  Instead, I will be creating monthly galleries for the challenges here on our own site.  This decision was reached because of my concerns about the integrity of your intellectual property.  Most members watermark images, and many have set up Flickr accounts to prevent the download of images.  Regardless, I find Flickr's Terms of Service to be overly onerous and not balanced in favour of the photographer.  We had suggestions from members to move to Google + and while Google's terms of service are less onerous they are still too Google favourable to suit me.  You may of course do whatever you wish with your images, they are YOUR images.

For our club challenges however, effective February 29, 2012 all submissions should be emailed to as large JPEG files with the EXIF data intact.  As we do not have internet connectivity in our meeting location, a slide presentation will be constructed each month for our photo review.  The deck will also be posted within a week of the meeting.  Please submit your challenge entries no later than the Monday before our meeting to allow for creation of the slide deck and inclusion of your images.  Please include your full name when you submit.  Our galleries will be set to prevent image downloads and I would encourage everyone to watermark your images for your own protection.

I hope that this decision does not negatively impact any member, and that you see the value to yourself in this.

If members would like to see the gallery pages restricted to view by club members, you may vote so by sending an email to by the Friday prior to our March meeting.  Votes will be tallied and the democratic process will determine the outcome which will be announced at our next meeting.

Thanks for your attention
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