Seeking thoughts on a new photo sharing site

Hey members,

I'm looking for a new home for our monthly challenge photos.  Flickr doesn't do group sets or collections and its gallery function is very limited.  Plus I really hate the terms of service because I am very much an intellectual property fanatic.  With MobileMe set to go the way of the dodo, and no answer yet from Apple as to what they will be doing to replace the Gallery function therein, and without simple high speed connectivity at our new meeting location we need to do something different.

If you have suggestions for a service that we could use, I'd like to hear about it.  In the interim, continue to use Flickr (YUCK) and also please email to a good quality JPEG of your entry with the EXIF data intact.  I will build a slide show for each meeting and add the EXIF to the photograph as a build.  The current hopping around model is not very efficient and we don't see everyone's images because of process delay.  Since I want the review experience to be really valuable, more images, more effectively will help.

Also if you would all please include your basic exposure information in your upload's title that will help a lot and will increase the likelihood of your image being displayed.  Basically include Camera,Lens,ISO,Shutter Speed, Aperture and Exposure Comp.  As Bryan will be doing the two trainings this month, I will handle the Photo Review and I want it to be awesome.

There is still a week to go to get your Shadow entry in.  I cannot guarantee visibility of any image posted or received after 9pm on Monday Feb 27, 2012.

Thanks to all !

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