Two weeks to The Shadow...

Hello all!

I hope that your February has been really great so far!  Certainly it has been a busy month for Bryan and I.  We are both looking forward to this month's meeting so I wanted to remind everyone to get that lens cap off and go make images for the challenge of "Shadow".

I'm also very pleased to announce that in addition to the photo review this month, Bryan has graciously agreed to invest time to share his best practices in making High Dynamic Range (HDR) images.  He'll take you through the entire process from image capture, through edits through production.  Bryan will be focusing his post processing on Photoshop but even if you use a different tool (recommendations will come in a future post), the session will be of great value.  HDR can be, but doesn't have to be edgy and gritty.  HDR can also be extremely subtle and help you extend the tonal range in your image.  Every photographer should know the basics and you will have a chance to learn them here.

As most all of you know, Bryan also runs his own business called Daytripper Photo and he has a very cool event coming up just before the meeting called Beauty and the Beast.  It's a live training workshop on portrait photography with guest presenter Navy Nhum (a widely respected fashion and wedding photog) in addition to Bryan and myself.  There will be beauties (people) and beasts (undead people) to photograph.  Space is limited so sign up today at Daytripper Photo.

See you all soon!


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