It's Alive!!!!!

The first six episodes are in the can!  That's right member friends, York Region now has its very own Photography TV show starring Bryan and Ross.  Despite the hosts, you should watch it!

We had a blast last week working with the incredible people at Rogers TV shooting the initial episodes of Daytripper TV.  Each episode covers multiple aspects of photography, many of which you're likely familiar with.  The show first runs on Rogers Cable starting the week of February 27th.  Here are the air times;

Tuesday 7pm - first airing of the week then the same show will air again:
Wednesday 11am
Thursday 7am
Thursday 2pm
Saturday 2pm
Sunday 8pm

A new episode each week for six weeks, then a full rotation again for six weeks.  We've already been advised to prepare another six episodes as well so we are very stoked.

BTW, if you catch yourself humming or bopping to the theme music, it was crafted by our own Bryan Weiss.
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