NCC Winter 2012-13 Newsletter

Hey all, 

On behalf of Ross and myself, thank you all so much for being a part of the Newmarket Camera Club! 

2012 saw the club grow to over 200 members and we had presentations on topics ranging from GoPro video cameras to our chat with Ian Clifford, former apprentice to Ansel Adams.  All this and a lot more in our first full year in operation.  

Attached is our winter 2012-13 newsletter, it covers some of what we've done and where we'll be going in 2013.  

Have a look at the newsletter and feel free to comment.  Let us know what you think of what we've done and what you'd like us to cover in the future.  

As a wise man once said, (I think it was me but dont quote me on that) An expert cant teach you how to be a great photographer, they can only show you the rules to break and then your own creativity takes over from there.

Happy new year and see you all next year!

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