Join our new Google + Community!

I'm very pleased to invite all club members to join our new community on Google +.  

When we moved to the new web platform, the discussions forum and q&a went away, and except for the monthly challenges, we've never had a place where members could post images for all the world to see in a simple and easy to use interface.  And now we do.

I have to thank Community moderators Bryan Weiss and Gabriel Bousquet for their enthusiasm and support in getting this off the ground.  We had our community live on the first day that Google opened up the new Community service.

Simply go to the Community Page and apply to be a member.  It's a public community, but Gabe, who is our resident Googlian suggested we do a public group with membership application and his argument made a lot of sense.  

We've already set up a number of categories including Discussions, Gear Questions, Processing Questions, Buy and Sell and Share Your Images.  I'm looking forward to having club members participate in these sections.  We get great images at the meetings and I think terrific conversations, so let's widen the scope together!

See you soon on the Google + Community!

Ross Chevalier

Technologist, photographer, videographer, general pest

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