Lightroom Workshop - November 2012

Following our macro workshop, attendees offered suggestions on what else that they would like to see.  Far and away, the biggest demand is for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4.

Lightroom is a very powerful tool comprising multiple modules.  I am pleased to announce that I will be working with the City to book the facility for a full day workshop (with breaks) to get people up to speed on Lightroom.  This means that we will not cover every module, but will cover the three key things that people need to do.

So, I will cover the Library module including importing, using catalogs, using collections along with workflow strategies to ensure that you have proper backups in the face of something going horribly wrong.

Next up we will spend the majority of the time working on your images.  Guidelines will be provided in advance of what kinds of images to bring for the exercise.  The plan is to go through the Develop module options on at least six different images.  

We'll close the workshop with a short session on the Print module, with guidance on printing your own images and for preparing exported images to be sent to a lab for printing.

This will be a hands-on workshop opportunity.  Attendees will bring their own laptop computers (if desired) and work on their own images.  Attendees will certainly be welcome to attend to only take notes if that is your choice, but hands-on will provide more retention and skill development.  If you already own Lightroom, awesome, if you do not, Adobe does provide a free trial at their website where you can download Lightroom to try out.  Please bear in mind that the trial is timebombed - so if you will go this route, only download less than five days in advance of the workshop.  Lightroom is sold online and in major retailers.  It is available with media at Henry's from Bryan Weiss of course.

I will confirm a date shortly once I receive the options available from the city.  In the interim, if you read this post and want to attend email me so I get an idea of who would be interested.  You aren't committing with this email.

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