It's One Week...

With apologies to BNL, it's one week to our first meeting of 2012 to be held at our NEW meeting site at the Newmarket Community Centre.  Meeting starts at six pm and goes to nine pm.  So as a reminder since it has been SO LONG since we've seen each other...

1.  Please register if you have not already.  We really need a seat count, not that we will run out of space but to be sure we have enough chairs and tables.

2.  Bring your camera and be prepared to be in at least ONE photograph.  We will be taking a group photo and we would like all members to have a camera handy.  You may also get a chance to do some shots in one of the trainings.

3.  If you have not yet uploaded your challenge entries to Flickr for the December (Magic) and the January (New) photo challenges, please do so.  We have received lots of great entries and the Group Pool is really growing nicely.  Bryan will be figuring out how to subdivide the submissions by album (won't you Bryan) to make going through the challenge submissions easier.  Please read the post on submission guidelines for information on titling etc.

4.  We will start our meeting as always with the Photo Review and Bryan will lead this.  We will be allocating one hour for this section, so please let us know which photo you would like to discuss if you have (Hooray!) uploaded multiples.

5.  Our second session will be called Better Flash Photos of People.  I will be leading that session and we will share best and worst practices for flash photos of people using a variety of solutions for hot shoe flash.  We will do a studio flash session at a later date, but this one will benefit (I hope) everyone.  Bryan will be the talent scout for this session and will be selecting volunteer models for each shot sequence.  The plan is to tether the camera live to Lightroom and project the images on the wall/screen as they are shot so we can discuss the lighting effects and attributes.  We will do model releases to protect the rights of all of our volunteers.  Members will be allotted a short period of time to make their own photographs in each sequence, so long as this is ok with the volunteer model.

6.  In our third session, I will be taking you through what I call Ross' Speedy Portrait Photo Touchup Workflow using Lightroom 3.6,  We'll use the tools in Lightroom to very quickly retouch some of the photos we shoot in section one.  It's going to be fun and empowering.  If you don't use Lightroom, the concepts will be consistent in other tools like Adobe Camera Raw.  You'll also see how using a grey card will dramatically simplify your colour control work.

7.  We will close with our Q&A, and recommended media section.  Please send me an email at with any recommendations you have for books, movies, DVDs etc.

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