Thanks for your patience with web site issues

Thanks to all who took time to inform me of challenges with our website.  I confess to having hurled much of it together using social networking rules of fast first, elegant later.  

Logging In

Every member should create a member ID and judging from the administration site, that's working pretty well now.  Why do you want to do this?

1.  It helps Bryan and I know who is interested in being part of the club.  There's no cost to join and to participate, but it is great when we can see that folks are signing up.

2.  We really need your help in registering for our meetings and coming events to know who is coming and how many seats we will need.  In our current model supported by Henry's, we can only accomodate twenty people at a meeting, so the registration helps us.  The same ID yoiu use to sign in automatically is used to register your attendance when you choose.

3.  As we grow, I expect our discussion forums to take on more importance.  To reduce spam and junk, I am using an open source forum tool called Moodle and to make posts in the forums, Moodle requires you be signed in.  Yes the same identity you create when you join works here.

I will be trying new tools and plugins from time to time, and as happens, sometimes they won't work, or I might screw up the configuration.  Thanks in advance for your support.  If you have ideas for the website, please drop me a line at



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