Getting out and shooting

A big kudos to Daytripper Photo for arranging the visit at the Northwoods Zoo last weekend.  I had as much fun working with my assigned guests as I did making photographs.  It was a great day and resulted in a great tip.

Here it is.  Take time to think about what you want your photos to be, before pressing the shutter.  Visualize your images in advance.  Then look critically in your viewfinder and ask "will this give me what I want" before blasting away.  With digital being nearly "free" compared to the days of film, overshooting is common and many pros recommend doing so, but in looking at the work of other nature photographers like Juan Pons and Art Wolfe, while they shoot tons of images, they have a view in mind.  Out of nearly 600 images, I was really hoping to get at most 20 that I would give five stars and I achieved that goal.  Fortunately the number of images that on loading caused me to say "what were you thinking" was very low and once the misfires were tossed, I could accept the screw up count.

So in summary, shoot lots, but visualize ahead and you'll be much happier when you get down to vicious editing.

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